One sweet pit bull found tied to a tree with note in the middle of park

After her owners decided to abandon her, a loving guy was given a second shot.

She was tied to a tree in the center of a Brooklyn park, with a message beside her.

Fortunately, a kindhearted man saw the puppy in time and saved her!

Eric Maus, a 28-year-old man from Prospect Lefferts Gardens, was walking with two dogs he was caring for around the park when he discovered Mamas, a 7-year-old pit bull tied to a tree.

Eric first sought for the dog’s owners, but there was no one to be found.

When he drew closer, he noticed a message hanging from the tree.

Eric approached the dog because she was as loving and lovely as she was enormous.

Eric learned her name was Mamas, and she was 7 years old from the note he discovered next to the dog, followed by the message:

“Take me home.” I’m a fantastic dog. Don’t be put off by my size. “I’m kind.”

It was then that Eric recognized he had come across an abandoned puppy and needed to do something, but he had no idea where to begin.

Nonetheless, he decided to assist Mamas.

Inspired, Eric took a few images of the dog and posted them to a Social Media page for his neighbors.

As a result, they took Mamas to Sean Casey Animal Rescue, a shelter in Windsor Terrace.

Mamas appeared very joyful when she arrived at the rescue facility, despite being dehydrated.

She just felt in good hands, and most importantly, she was happy to be out of that park.

Mamas will be ready for adoption once she has passed all of her medical testing.

Eric, the man who rescued her, hopes she finds a loving family as she is.

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