People noticed a dog in the forest, which huddled in a snowback and tried desperately to do everything so that its cubs would not freeze.

This story will touch even the most stone heart. And she tells about the most eternal and strong — the love of a mother, ready for anything for the good of her cubs.

This incident happened in the US state of Minnesota.People were driving nearby and noticed a strange movement near the forest outskirts.When they got closer, they found a dog in a snowback, doing everything to keep her cubs warm.

The mother dog and her six puppies lived in the cold and it is not known how long they survived there. People were touched by the selflessness of the dog, that did not abandon its cubs, and took the family away, delivering it to the nearest shelter.

There she was given the nickname Snow. The cubs were born about 20 days ago and lived in the snow from birth, and it also turned out that she did not have enough milk and could not feed the cubs.

Milk wasn’t available due to exhaustion, but she did not leave in search of food, so as not to leave her puppies in the cold and danger.After a few days, the force of the mother began to recover from normal nutrition, and the milk appeared again and she was able to feed her cubs.

The dogs were cured, washed and put in order, they became stronger and older, and a whole series of people who wanted to become their owners lined up.First of all, they took away a wonderful light boy, then his brother, then in turn his sister and another brother.

In the shelter stayed a courageous mother and two dogs, and the staff are sure that they will be found very soon.

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