Persian cat Brimley has never failed to be blissful after getting into a loving family

At first, this fluffy cat from Seattle (Washington, USA) was terribly unlucky. The owner of the Persian was an irresponsible person.Fortunately, the life of the caudate changed when the rescue service crossed the threshold of the house.

The cat stayed at the shelter for only two days, and he has a new family. Adoptive “dad” fell in love with the cat at first sight.

“I’ve never been a big fan of cats. But Brimley… He’s so sweet. Glad he is enjoying his new home,” says the new owner.

However, the man had to tinker a lot with the animal so that it came to its senses. So, Brimley got to the shelter in a terrible state. His eyes were covered in nasty mucus. Veterinarians suggested that the left eye could not be saved.

The cat suffered eye drops and eye ointment and swallowed medications and painkillers through a syringe.

His eyes recovered – they didn’t even need surgery.Today, Brimley sincerely adores every moment of his life. He is saddened only by the fact that the owner needs to go to work.

Pay attention that Persian cats require special care. They need to be combed out from early childhood, to wipe the nose and dry the tears a few times a day. Persians are also genetically prone to a list of diseases.

Polycystic kidney disease is the most common disease. Any hint of health problems is a reason to go to the vet.
Amazing what love can do!We hope Brimley’s story will be an example for many people.

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