Rescue horse makes friends with dog who loves to ride on her back.

An incredible couple of friends — a dog named Dally and a small horse named Spanky, showing an extremely strong alliance.

The horse settled on the ranch and from the very beginning refused to listen to the animals trainers. It turned out that rarely anyone can find an approach to a wayward horse. But Dally succeeded.
Besides that Spanky obeys her, she also doesn’t mind at all that she rides on her.

The owner of the ranch is engaged in training horses, and in addition, she shoots short videos with her favorite pets — Spanky the mini-horse and Dally the dog.

Francesca intends to make a film about their incredible friendship, but for now she maintains an Instagram page under their name, which has already gained thousands of followers.

The friendship between the horse and the dog has been going on for eight years. The woman said that her start was laid with the next training, which was especially difficult, since the horse was especially capricious and was completely uncontrollable.

Dally immediately arrived to help. She jumped on the horse’s back. Since then, they have not parted and spend all their time together. Their duet is the perfect advertisement for Francesca’s activities.

When her clients have doubts about their own abilities, she demonstrates her pets and doubts are immediately dispelled.

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