She is immobile, sitting by the side of the road, sobbing in agony and despair while she waits for assistance for days!

We have had reports of this poor dog that was hit by a vehicle a couple of days ago and can’t move her back legs .

She has clearly just given birth and is probably in distress at not being able to find her puppies. We have rescued the dog, She lookd to be paralysed or has a broken leg .

We have called her Sinead , there was no sign of puppies anywhere so maybe she is still pregnant. We will know more when Doc Pierre assesses her.

She goes later for X rays and the result was not good. She has no fractures in her limbs or pelvis but she has a fractured spine,which has affected her nerves in her hind legs. She was able to poop and wee at shelter so hopefully these functions have not been affected.

Doc Gama, who did her X-rays believes there is a chance of recovery with laser therapy. and he programmed to do intense laser therapy for 7 days in a row .

after 5 days she is doing so much better. she is now eating and drinking on her own and pooped three times last night. after 13 days she had 9 laser treatments and there is a significant improvement in terms of muscle and bone growth.

However, like tink, here is still out of alignment but we are hopeful that with further laser therapy it will get stronger.

After 1 month she is in better conditions but we are not sure that he will use her legs again . hope she will find a lovely home .

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