She stopped sharply, crossing the road to pet a strange dog.

More recently, the girl shared an interesting story on one of the thematic sites dedicated to animals. Victoria Susman wrote how she was driving to work and suddenly noticed a strange creature on the road.

She stopped hard and got out of the car, running across the road towards the moving creature. It turned out to be an incredibly beautiful dog of interesting colors, and she was even afraid that the owners might not allow her to be stroked.

However, the owners reacted normally to the impulse of the girl and gave permission to play with the pet. Agree that the puppy is really adorable and it’s difficult to resist stroking him.

The dog is named Ripley. He is a cross between two breeds — the Australian Shepherd Dog and a friendly, kind Labrador, and this combination of breeds could not but affect his appearance, making it truly unique.

Users also liked the funny and very beautiful puppy’s look and they expressed their admiration over and gave the little one a lot of compliments.

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