She went to bed alone and awoke with two cubs! Everyone is taken aback when a bear is released from its prison.

After the release of the couple by the efforts of the Wildlife and Cultural Conservation Foundation (WCCF), these bears were sent to a reserve located in the mountains.

Dana felt better, she quickly stopped stressing and began to eat very actively. The bear gained a good supply of fat and went into hibernation, climbing into a large natural den.

No one saw her for several months – but what was the surprise of the staff when in the spring two fluffy bear cubs got out of the lair after Dana, who had lost weight!

No one knew that the she-bear was pregnant – in these animals, the “special” position often goes unnoticed by the outside eye. But now it became clear why she ate almost twice as much as Mika!

Look at the wonderful faces of these cute twins.

The cubs were born right during the mother’s hibernation (yes, bears are very interesting animals!) And they looked just fine.

Since the workers of the reserve try not to disturb their wards once again, they cannot yet say what gender the cubs are. However, 2-month-old crumbs behave as they should be for bear cubs, and their health does not raise questions.

Fortunately, Dana’s children will never experience cages and bullying, and she will be able to teach them to bear wisdom in a natural environment.

For at least another year, they will be next to their mother, and then experts will consider the issue of releasing them into the wild.

“Next spring could be the beginning of a new life for our replenishment!” – hopes Viki Mkrtchyan, coordinator of environmental projects of the Foundation.

True, the parents of the cubs will remain in the care of the reserve until the end of their lives, since the former prisoners will no longer be able to survive outside its walls.

In the meantime, the happy trinity spends a lot of time in the lair, going out for walks and games in the sun. Dana sometimes goes out to gather forest food, but she never strays too far from the children.

She turned out to be an excellent parent who, despite her sad past and health problems, has not lost her natural instincts.

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