Street dog cried with joy when a woman shared a sausage with him.

Footage of a street puppy crying after being fed by a kind woman has gone viral, and millions of users have launched a campaign to finally find a home for this poor baby.

This dog was noticed wandering around the park of the Chinese city of Jinzhong, and on the touching footage you can see how it stands on its hind legs, and folded its front legs in a pleading gesture and asks for food.

And when a stranger shared a sausage with her, it was like the puppy had tears frozen in her eyes and he looked at the woman with that heartbreaking look before eating his portion.

The next day, the same woman again came to the park and the dog again recognized her and ran to her, wagging her tail with joy.The woman became so attached to the pet that she decided to take her and give her a better life, but, unfortunately, the very next day she wasn’t there.

She even began to ask the police about her, trying to find out at least some information, but the law enforcement officers also did not know anything about this emotional dog, so the woman just hopes that everything is fine with her now and someone saw the footage of her and her reaction to food and decided to give her the happiness that this little girl, who has not seen a better life, undoubtedly deserved a long time ago.

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