Sweet dog takes two kittens into her care and knows just what they needed

Encore and Pax, two little two-week-old kittens, were moved from the San Bernardino shelter to Saving Pets One at a Time (SPOT).

They need round-the-clock bottle feeding, so Susan Hicks, a SPOT foster volunteer, welcomed them with open arms.

The kittens were fed every four hours, and they were housed in a pleasant, comfortable nursery.

They began to waddle around, learning to walk and investigating their new surroundings.

Ginger, Susan’s resident dog, was overjoyed when she heard about the new arrivals. She understood just what the kittens required.

Ginger came to Susan as a rescued dog, severely pregnant, a few years ago.

She gave birth to a lovely litter in the safety of a loving home.

And nurtured them to be healthy, happy cubs.

Therefore, Susan knew Ginger had found her happily-ever-after the moment all of her puppies were placed into loving homes.

The lovely canine has now acquired a fondness for caring for little creatures. Particularly those were in a need of a mother’s affection.

She has a talent for soothing kittens, and they all seem to draw toward her.

Thus, Ginger waits for Susan to bring over the baby after each bottle feeding.

She washes their faces and assists them in going to pee, just as a mother cat would.

Even the most timid cat cannot resist Ginger’s delicate, loving attention.

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