Sweet German Shepherd take care of the abandoned deer and other injured animals

The breed of German Shepherds is known for their intelligence, loyalty and good heart. They can devote themselves to their loving owners.

They are famous for being active and always seeking adventures. Very often they are hired as military dogs and are best in doing their job. So these dogs are adaptable to many life conditions and jobs.

To conclude, they don’t like a monotonous lifestyle and will always find something to do. Such as this affectionate doggie named Sarge that lives in a rural area in Ohio.

The dog is an inseparable part of his family. Noticing that he has nothing to do, Sarge found a job to do. He assigned himself to take care of an orphaned fawn.

Living near the woods, Sarge’s family often helps needy animals. They have helped to recover already lots of deer. But the interesting part of the story is, that Sarge is always ready to comfort animals.

He is especially affectionate towards deer. He plays with them, cuddles confused fawns and guards them until they are able to go back to wildlife.

The German Shepherd willingly shares his house, food, blankets, etc. Sarge even shares his favorite spots to get asleep.

It’s like Sarge found his calling. He is not an ordinary dog, he is a hero that helps orphaned, injured and confused animals feel better.

The owners of Sarge are proud to have a good caretaker next to them.

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