Sweet Shar Pei politely asks her mom to tuck her every evening and over 2M have watched

Ava is a cute type of dog, that is considered a mix of Chinese Shar-Pei who has mastered the art of getting her mother’s focus with a few gentle touches.

And her social networking sites have been founded solely on her techniques.

Ava may be seen in one of her numerous pictures there.

That is showing off her tap abilities, during the moment when they’re perhaps the least pleasant – while Anna is sleeping.

But it turns out that Ava requires assistance.

Ava looks at her mother after a few moments, the type of touch you can definitely feel even if you’re still sleeping.

It appears that Ava will have to work a bit harder. But, being the nice pup, she waits for her mother.

There is really only one way to discover out.

Ava pats her mother’s arm a couple more times.

Mom must be facing the camera at this moment, since we’re getting the best perspective of Ava.

Because we have to agree, she looks adorable curled up in bed.

She certainly takes a mental note of any last-minute considerations for the day before drifting off.

And because dogs have so little to worry about, it just takes a few seconds for her to get her head in the correct position to fall asleep.

Within seconds, she’s napping, with a cover and her mother’s arm around her for physically and psychologically consolation.

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