«Take it and you can put it to sleep.» It turned out that the owner didn’t need an old dog, but he cried and didn’t understand what was happening.

Just look into the eyes of this wonderful dog … His eyes are filled with sadness, and his fur has already turned gray.It is enough to see this cadre to not hold back the tears of pity however, the owner , as it turned out, had a heart of stone.

The dog’s photo was taken in one of the American shelters. When the shelter staff studied the personal file, much about his past became clear.The unfortunate owner decided that he no longer needed the pet by the next morning after the Thanksgiving holiday.

His heartlessness became even more obvious after he asked to make the unfortunate last corner.The dog was emaciated and already moved with great difficulty and each step was given to him very hard, and in addition, he was diagnosed with a heartworm.

The shelter staff made a post about the dog on social media, and Tommy Bull from a small Texas town, seeing the photo, was horrified by the act of the former of the dog’s owner.

Tommy immediately contacted the shelter staff and said that he wanted to take the dog. When he arrived at the shelter, the dog couldn’t come to him and the staff brought him in their arms.

Tommy hugged his new pet and the dog felt that he would be protected. Tommy’s wife was in awe of the elderly, nice dog and immediately began to introduce him to other dogs living in the family.

He was named Etty and in just a month of love and care he became healthy and now he can walk and even take long walks with his owners.

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