«Take it, now it’s yours!» mother said to her daughter.And the skinny kitten in the cardboard box suddenly stopped crying

It often happens that people get cats or dogs, although they did not plan at all. And it happens quite by accident…

Four years ago, another cat found a home! It happened when a girl named Ulyana Koroleva and her mother were standing at a bus stop waiting for transport.Suddenly they heard a faint cry.

Looking around, Ulya saw a small fragile kitten, which someone had put in a cardboard box and abandoned.

Coming closer, the girl and her mother examined the pet. It was a charming red-haired girl. A thin baby was crying with grief, because she was left all alone …

How long the cutie sat at the bus stop is unknown. Fortunately, Ulyana’s mother loves animals very much, so she immediately told her daughter: “Take it, now it is yours!”. The baby seemed to understand every word! She suddenly stopped crying and looked trustingly at the stranger.

That’s how a cute red cat found a home. Her name is Simona or Simka. True, now she lives in the house of her grandmother Ulyana, because, having once come to visit them, she was happy with the opportunity to run around the garden, play with flowers planted in the yard and just soak up the sun.

At the family council, it was decided to leave Simona with her grandparents, since she liked life in the house much more than the apartment. Now the cat owns a whole “homestead”, where everything belongs only to her: blades of grass, and snowflakes, and flowers, and currant bushes, and even mice that accidentally ended up in a barn.

In a word, Simka has a full life, a happy one. And all thanks to a kind girl and her wonderful mother, who allowed us to give a home to a homeless kitten!

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