That day the puppy was going to euthanize, but at the last moment his life was saved by his best friend and their joint picture became spread all over the Internet.

This life is very unfair, allowing unfortunate animals to end up in shelters due to the irresponsibility and heartlessness of some people.

They all need help, but as shelters run out of space for everyone and the number of animals increases, sometimes terrible decisions have to be made.

The fate of the wonderful dogs, whose names were Kala and Kira, living in the shelter of Atlanta, should also have been so sad — the tails were being prepared for the last injection.

The time was already approaching and the shelter staff decided to give them one last chance to settle down. They put up a joint picture of friends in an embrace and in the eyes of both there was such pain, as if they understood that this was their last day.

The picture disaeminated viral on Facebook and soon went viral. And after reading the caption to the picture, it was completely impossible to hold back the tears. In the first person, it was said that Kira and Kala were scared, that today was their last day and they wanted to live so much, but no one took them away.

At first, they will take away one girlfriend, and then her, who will go to the rainbow, plucking up courage and doesn’t cry.The picture worked very effectively and very soon a woman was found who agreed to shelter them both.

The happiness of the shelter staff knew no bounds — the dogs not only saved their lives, but they did not even have to be separated.

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