The adorable orphaned baby kangaroo hugs his teddy bear and treats it as a companion

It’s proven that friendships can affect our mental health and well-being. We are created as sociable beings that need friends. Communicating, interacting with new people is an important part of our life.

It turns out that animals also need friends. And even if it is a stuffed animal, it helps animals overcome loneliness and anxiety. Yes, studies show that all a lonely animal needs is a toy that will get its attention.

Doodlebug is an orphaned baby kangaroo that was found as a three-month-old abandoned baby and taken to an animal center in an Australian town.

Doodlebug is an Eastern grey kangaroo that has stolen the hearts of numerous social media users by snuggling its favorite friend – a teddy bear toy.

This animal knows the value and the importance of a hug because it is orphaned.

This wonderful baby kangaroo loves the environment where it lives. Although the animal is healthy, it needs to be prepared to go back to the wild.

That’s why the kangaroo was given a stuffed toy. Socializing, learning to love helps Doodlebug to understand what is family. The kangaroo never leaves its companion neglected.

We wish Doodlebug long and happy years in the wild with other kangaroos!

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