The amazing tale of Dexter the cat shows how much fate loved him.

To our great regret, fate does not always turn out exactly the way we want it. Life is always ready to present some surprises, and not always the most pleasant and useful ones.

But those are the ones that give incredibly valuable experience for later life!

And this applies not only to people but also to animals. After all, they are also perfectly able to memorize, to some extent draw conclusions and correctly perceive this or that situation.

And now we want to tell you a story that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Its main character is the cute cat Dexter. For 20 years he lived with his loving owner, however, unfortunately, none of us lives forever, so the old woman died. After that, the cat was placed in a special shelter, where he was literally doomed to a lonely old age.

And all because animals of this age may have health problems. A huge role is played by the factor that adult pets will not live long, and new owners may become too attached to these pussies.

But Dexter was really lucky and was taken in by a really wonderful family. People understood that the cat was not left for so long, and therefore they tried to surround him with attention, love and the most beautiful emotions in the world as much as possible.

Dexter quickly made friends not only with the owners and their little son but even with the dog! They easily found a common language and in a sense, the dog even felt like a real protector of an already elderly cat.

The family fell in love with Dexter so much that they could not even imagine their future life without him.

The cat turned out to be very kind, gentle and affectionate, he always reciprocated any manifestation of feelings and made it clear that he sincerely fell in love with his new owners!

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