The animal rights activist saved this baby elephant and now the baby is following her

This baby elephant, named Mayo, was swept into the river by a strong current, but animal rights activists were able to save him. Then the baby was a couple of days old and the flock abandoned him.

A rescue team from a local shelter pulled him out of the river just as Mayo was about to be surrounded by a pack of hyenas, and it was shelter founder Roxy Dankverst who took custody of him.

At the moment, Mayo is already a year and a half old and she is so attached to her savior that she determines her presence either by smell, or by voice, or in some way, only known to him, and follows her on her heels.

As he gets older, it becomes more and more difficult to take care of him, since he is no longer a baby in size, although he is still a child, but every time he enters the dwelling becomes a problem.

She added that she had many rescued wild animals, but it was between her and Mayo that a special connection arose and it would be difficult to part with him, but she was already mentally prepared for such an outcome of events, since it is more correct for an elephant to live in a natural habitat.

But until then, Mayo enjoys childhood and behaves just like a child, just very large, which does not always reflect well on the house of his mentor.

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