The blind cat thanked the man who picked it up from the street

A man was feeding several street cats in his neighborhood when he suddenly discovered that one of them was behaving strangely and had no sense of direction. It turned out that the cat was blind.

A New Yorker was feeding several cats near his home when one day he saw one cat behaving strangely. It wasn’t very good at navigating, and the man soon learned that the cat was blind. He named it Belladonna and reported it to a local shelter.

The local Little Wanderers NYC shelter took in the kitty and took care of it. The staff determined that Belladonna was 10 years old. They found it had anemia, loose teeth, as well as an immune system ailment and severe underweight, so they began reconditioning it right away.

Belladonna spent its first days in a shelter, but then was given temporary care by a volunteer.

At the place of temporary care, the situation began to change for the better. In just a few days, Belladonna was cheerful, its appetite improved, and it was very grateful to its guardian. Despite the fact that the kitty cannot see anything, it lives life to the fullest, explores a lot and is happy every day.

After weeks Belladonna gained enough weight, became much more active, more playful, more curious. Only recently the guardian took the skinny and weak cat from the shelter to the shelter, and now it dramatically transformed and blossomed.

They are now looking for permanent owners for this beauty. Be happy, Belladonna!

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