The blind dog is accompanied around by the most devoted and devoted cat companion.

We are not already surprised by the friendships between different animal species. All the animals need to be loved and share their love. But this time the duo shares the most incredible, selfless friendship between animals ever!

Spike and Max are both 8 years old pets. Though Spike is a dog, he loves to spend time with his best friend Max that is a cat!

By the way, the sickness of the dog made their bond even stronger. Spike had a cataract which hindered the poor dog to see. He was operated but unfortunately, the doggie lost his sight.

Now the blind dog trusts Max everywhere they go and what they do.

Plus to the blindness of the dog, this tear the owners of this duo took them to a shelter. In fact, in the shelter, the animals received more love and attention than when they had had owners.

Before appearing in the shelter, the pets spent many days shivering outside the house.

Finally, they got lucky when people heard their sad story. Many responded to the tragedy with compassion. People were interested in adopting the most unselfish animal duo!

Now Spike and Max have a very caring mama, who is affording a better life for these two miracles!

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