The boy found a wolf cub in the forest and helped him to get out of the trap.Three years later the beast returned

The boy Ivan’s dad works as a forester. He simply loves his work and puts his whole soul into it, and he also instilled a love for animals in his son, and therefore Vanya was never afraid to walk in the forest and quite enjoyed this activity.

One day, Ivan saw a wolf cub in the forest, which fell into a trap and could not free itself. The child remembered everything that his father taught and was able to free the animal.
Then he carefully dragged the wolf cub to his home, where his father provided the wounded with the first necessary aid and for several months the beast lived in the forester’s house, however, his father constantly reminded Vanya that this was a predator, not a domestic dog, and he could not be tamed, but the day when he will go back to the forest is not far off.

And so it happened. Somehow, the wolf cub sharply disappeared and did not appear again. Vanya, who naturally became very attached to him, was very yearned, but then he got used to it, because three years had already passed and the boy had grown older.

And then one day, during another walk in the forest, he came across a wolf surrounded by cubs.The wolf was seriously injured and, limping heavily, came to the forester’s house, where the boy led them. He immediately realized that the wounded wolf was the one he had once saved.

The wolf most likely hoped that in the house where he was once helped, they would not refuse this time, and if something happened to him, they would take care of the cubs.The wolf, unfortunately, could not be saved, but the father and son took care of the wolf cubs and left them.

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