The boy was tired at the fair and fell asleep with his cow. This is what made them famous on the social networks.

Teen Mitchell, along with his beloved cow Audrey, recently participated in a large-scale dairy fair in the US state of Iowa. They have been preparing for it for a long time and have worked hard, earning fifth place out of seven prizes.

The couple was very tired and therefore fell asleep right at the fair, and the boy’s dad, fortunately, took advantage of the moment to take this incredible photo. He then posted the picture on his social web page and instantly received a huge number of positive comments.

The photo got more than 15,000 likes in just one day. The boy’s mother, Laura Miner, admits that when the whole day passes with animals, they, in fact, can be considered part of life. Both she and her husband grew up on a farm, despite the fact that they have long lived in the city.

And so that their children do not forget about their rural origin, in the summer they live on a farm and have the opportunity to experience a real village atmosphere. The woman notes that this is how children can be instilled with certain values ​​from the earliest years that they are trying to save.

Audrey, after the end of the fair, returned to her native farm, not only having worked hard, but also becoming a real celebrity in the network, which is much more important than the first place in the competition.

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