The camera filmed how a caring dog drags his crib to a sick friend to make him comfortable

Dogs are distinguished not only by intelligence, kindness, sociability and friendliness, but also by tenderness and care.

They are a real role model in the ability to take care of those who are weak, sick and generally in need.

So, in this case, CCTV was caught a dog named Spanky dragging his bed to make his friend feel comfortable who was ill at the time.

From the very beginning of their acquaintance, Spanky and Roman fell in love and now they are best friends and are as close as if they were blood brothers and the relationship between them is very close and touching.

They play together, care for and protect each other, however, the owner of Spanka and Roman realized the full strength of their friendship a couple of months ago, when she looked at the CCTV footage with great surprise.

Once, eight-year-old Roman fell ill, he had an ear infection, and the veterinarian diagnosed a hematoma and the dog had to be operated on, and before that, Roman had to stay at home.

The poor thing was in severe pain, he was tired and in a bad mood, and Spanky, in the meantime, understood everything and did everything to make his best friend feel better.He made every effort to make it easier for him to endure his illness and was very kind and gentle with him, realizing that now was not the time for pranks and games.

Because the owner needed them for work, she installed a camera to monitor the pet and it was then that she saw something that she did not expect at all. On one recording, she saw Spanky dragging his crib and making it clear to Roman that he would accept him, and this scene made the woman cry with emotion.

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