The child brought home a trembling puppy from the street, and the mother could not drive him away

Yana has always adored animals but could have never thought that one day she will have one.

Once the girl came back home not alone but instead with a puppy on her hands.

The girl found a wet and frozen puppy on the street and decided to bring home.The poor helpless puppy was trembling from fear and cold.

The child felt really pity for the dog and brought him home.

Yana looked at her daughter who gently put the frozen animal on her chest and hold her.The girl didn’t think that she will be so close to the pet but she didn’t want to leave the dog alone in the street.The dog definitaley didn’t deserve such fate.

Now the dog’s name is Mokhtar and the whole family can’t imagine their life without him!

Yana never regretted that she decided to shelter the puppy.Very soon the dog became their family’s favorite member.

The owner Mokhtar makes them to walk three times a day!

Such a cute puppy. The Yana’s family is happy having him!

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