The cutest stray dog tries to ‘bribe’ the volunteer to give him food first by offering various objects.

Imagine that the cutest dog with clear eyes is walking toward you. She steps carefully and smiles a little… Why a little?

In order not to drop the gift, firmly clamped in the mouth!

Today it can be a branch of a tree, tomorrow it can be a spine or a piece of paper, the day after tomorrow it can be a clothespin or any other thing that a dog can find on the roads of a big city.

If you are wondering where she is carrying all this, let’s follow Tua Plu.

Here she passes many houses and heads straight for an inconspicuous building. Many dogs have already gathered here – very different, but united by one impulse – “we are very hungry!”.

A young female volunteer comes out to meet them, who feeds this entire restless gang. But then Tua Plu passes forward, and after her another, already elderly, dog minces.

Tua approaches the woman and places her present in her lap. At this moment, you can swear that the dog shyly lowers his eyes, as if embarrassed by his touching act!

The woman laughs, pats him on the back of the neck, and pours food into the bowl. Then she carefully hides the “gift” from her furry friend and gives the old dog a meal behind his back.

Very soon, this girl named Oravan will write a post for Facebook, where she will tell how a very smart dog Tua Plu “bribes” her with presents every day. It is this kind of puppy gratitude that has led to Oravan now feeding Tua and her mother in the first place!

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