The dirty and wet cat was shaking from the cold and hobbled, barely dragging its hind legs.

Very soon the wonderful cat Vasya will have another birthday. However, everything in his fate couldn’t have turned out so well.
The owner of the cat, Evgenia Taratynova, aked that Vasily was found a few years ago by her husband next to the office building in a deplorable state.

He was so thin and dirty that passers-by wrinkled disgustedly their noses and tried not approach him. However, Evgenias husband could not remain indifferent to the animal, which was trembling in the cold and could not even move. He carried him into the car to keep him warm.


It was not so easy to bring the purr to life and even warm it up, so the man spent half a day on it.
It was necessary to save immediately purr’s life . The couple took the foundling to the veterinarian, where the specialist undertook to treat him, although his colleagues suggested to sedate the cat , as he was given a chance.


Vasya could not eat on his own and did not even stand up on his hind legs. In fact it was very difficult, the couple put all their strength for helping this cat and through their efforts Vaska began to recover.

It’s thanks to the dedication of their owners and the professionalism of doctors, the cat was able to recover and now he can live a full life.

Now in this well-groomed handsome man you can’t recognize then dirty street cat. By the way, this is a cat of a rather rare breed and his habits are appropriate.

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