The disabled adolescent girl with a rare condition is helped to walk again by a Great Dane service dog.

Bella Burton, a 13-year-old girl from New Hampshire, was born with Morquio syndrome, an extremely rare condition.

The girl was unable to walk as a result of it, and she never expected to be able to do so again.

Everything changed, however, when she met George, a 2-year-old gentle big service dog!

Bella was able to walk again after only six months under George’s care!

“My leg muscles grew so weak, and it was difficult to move,” the girl continued, “but after I had George, it kind of encouraged me to walk.”

“It didn’t seem like work; it felt more like hanging out with my pals and the animals.”

Bella’s family discovered her illness when she was approximately two years old.

And they have attempted several therapies since then, but none have been effective.

Then they learned about service dogs and decided to give it a shot.

This is how Bella and George were paired.

It happened while she was volunteering at the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

“When we observed Bella with those dogs”.

How she was always in such a good mood and how much she enjoyed visiting there, we wondered, “What are we waiting for?”

Rachel identified Bella’s mother.

Despite her passion for animals, the dogs didn’t like her at first, except for George!

Since then, Bella and her family have begun to bring George home, initially on weekends and later permanently.

Bella and the service dog quickly grew inseparable.

But the gentle giant proved to be more than simply a buddy, as he helped Bella learn to run, ride her bike, and even swim.

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