The dog barely waddled along the icy asphalt, and she had nowhere else to go

A woman from Smolensk has always loved cats, but fate decreed that she has two dogs. And this redheaded dog came to her about a year ago. She lived in the yard and in the most terrible frosts she ran along the icy asphalt and looked for somewhere to cover.

The woman knew all the mongrels of her yard, but this one was unfamiliar, so she decided to take her away for a while and thought that the owners were about to show up. The dog was elderly and already had hearing and vision problems.

She took her home, fed her, combed her fur and treated her for parasites.The poor thing could not control herself and constantly made a puddle, as she was very cold and the woman took her to the veterinarian to take tests and do an ultrasound. The animal was put on a special diet.

Despite the fact that the woman was allergic to dog hair, she could not refuse this dog, which she named Laysan, as well as her other dog Vaska. Then Laysan managed to attach to the summer house to the girl’s parents, where she is very good and comfortable.

She perfectly protects the house and barks at strangers. She got along well with a black cat, which the woman also picked up on the street, near the sewage. They play together all day, and then fall asleep in an embrace by the sofa.

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