The dog chewed through the owner’s passport and this saved her from a possible disease

Imagine that you are planning a vacation. Tickets are already bought, suitcases are packed, and you are in anticipation, but then it turns out that your passport is chewed.

This is what happened to Kimi. The girl lived in Taiwan and planned to go to China, and the pet brought all her plans to zero. The passport was hopelessly damaged and it was impossible to restore it, and the dog itself sat in front of the mistress with a guilty muzzle.

At first, Kimi was very upset, but only later did she find out what an invaluable deed the tailed one had done. A couple of days later, the entire network was overwhelmed with news about the pandemic, and then it was at a dangerous stage, since experts did not yet know what kind of virus it was and how it could be treated.

Therefore, after a couple of days, she wrote the good news on social networks that the prank of a restless dog saved her from serious danger, since it is not clear how her fate would have been if she had gone to China in the middle of a new, still unknown epidemic.

Naturally, she thanked the pet and even apologized for chastising her. Now she considers the dog her guardian angel.

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