The dog could not watch with indifference how the baby was trying to crawl up to her, so she approached herself.

How pleasant it is to sit in cozy evenings and remember the pranks of your children, their first steps, first words …
Sometimes, due to the fact that parents have to work hard, they do not catch these moments, then they regret everything that they once put their work in the forefront, and not their children. Of course, many parents will say that this is all done for children.

However, their children will not remember the care of their parents in childhood. How many chocolates did you bring him; they will remember whether you came to kiss them before going to bed or not.

Try to remember the happiest moments next to your baby, and you instantly become easy and fun. After all, they give us happiness, warmth, love, fun. In this video, the baby is trying to take his first steps.

Just look how he suffers. And the most interesting thing here — look what the dog does when he sees the torment of his friend!


He doesn’t seat in his place but tries to reach the human baby. It seems as if the dog realizes the struggles of his tiny friend.

And at the end of the video, he licks the face of the baby as a sign of love and friendship. This ”alliance” is lifelong, for sure!

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