The dog couldn’t walk and was about to be put down and woman makes final plea

No one had much hope for this dog when he was severely damaged.

He got a brain injury that made his entire body shake. His tremors made moving difficult.

Everyone believed it was better to put him down at first, but one woman claimed she could get him to walk again.

So, everyone was skeptical, but they agreed to give it a go.

The woman felt there was hope with regular physical treatment, plenty of patience, and lots of praise.

Moreover, she and the dog would practice moving around every day.

She urged him to give it his all.

Therefore, with her upbeat attitude, the other dogs couldn’t help but cluster around and cheer them on.

Since, the dog made little steps forward.

He couldn’t walk to his food dish or go to the restroom on his own, but with perseverance, he made amazing progress.

He was able to play with his new buddies after a few weeks.

Not only that, but he couldn’t run as quickly as others, but that didn’t stop him from trying!

The dog was unrecognizable after two months! Other volunteers arrived to visit him.

Furthermore, he couldn’t believe how he’d changed.

They applauded both the woman and the dog!

Moreover, they had a change of heart regarding their viewpoint.

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