The dog doesn’t stop waiting for the owner at the her work place and no one can explain to the animal that she will not come again.

Dogs are completely attached to their owners, and dog fidelity has been legendary for centuries. And if you are the owner of a wonderful pet, then you yourself can confirm their devotion.

If cats are more often distinguished by a more independent disposition and are more attached to a place than to a person, then dogs are able to love for life and never forget the good that has been done to them.

And here we will tell you about one such touching story.

A wonderful, kind, affectionate and friendly dog Bianca spent many years in a shelter. And now, it seems that happiness finally smiled at the animal and a beautiful woman, Eugenia Franco, took her from the shelter and became a caring and loving hostess.

The woman lived in Argentina and had a small bookstore in her hometown of Tunuyan. However, she recently passed away.

The dog lived at home in the courtyard of a private house,and she did not go home, but her conditions were quite comfortable. Every day she spent the hostess to work, to the bookstore and waited for her at the entrance until the end of the working day.

After Eugenia died, the faithful dog did not wait for her, but went to the shop and waited at the door until evening. The neighbors were aware of what happened and they were very sorry for Bianca.

One of the woman’s acquaintances made a post about the animal on a social network, and the story resonated with users. And the people of the whole region began to take care of the dog, as the dog refuses to leave and lives in the vicinity of the shop.

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