The dog was thrown at a terrible state and in order to save her life, people dragged her on themselves to the city.

In a field not far from the neighbourhoods of the city, a pregnant dog began to live. One day, three women found her while walking with their dogs.

To tell the truth, she was found by a pet of one of them. The dog’s look  was terrible: she was terribly exhausted, but the dogs, at the same time, were quite tubby and it remains a mystery how their mother fed them and in general and how she found food in the middle of the field.

The women took the foundlings, dragged a table from the city, covered them with oilcloth and an old blanket, it became like a house where they could hide, and every day these same women gave them food and drink, and their dogs happy played with the found family.

Once the women came to visit them again , but no one came out to meet them. They called out to the mother dog, but still no one came out. There was a noticeable dark spot on the blanket, most likely she was vomiting.

And suddenly the dog came out of the thickets with a strange gait. The woman noticed a large wound on her side, and the muzzle was swollen and unfortunate woman quickly needed a veterinarian.

They contacted the volunteer, but he said that he could only be there in a couple of hours, but it could be too late, so they carried her on a blanket to the city, and from there they carried the poor by car to the doctor.

The veterinarian took her temperature, treated the wound, gave her pain medication and a course of antibiotics.

One of the women took her home, and in the evening the volunteer came to visit her and was dissatisfied with the state of the animal. The dog was transferred to another clinic.

At the hospital she had already undergone surgery and we are sure that she will recover very soon.

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