The dog was thrown into the river, and she continues to wait for her owner on the pier

Stories about abandoned pets have long ceased to be news. The owners, at times, are so irresponsible and cruel that it is difficult to even imagine such a thing.

This man left his dog into the river.A picture of a dog gazing wistfully into a river in Bangkok City has gone viral online and has caused a great stir.

The dog was waiting for the owner on the pier when he left it there from the boat, where they rode together.

People who live nearby told how she rummages in the landfill for food and looks for shelter in the corners, just so as not to leave the area.Passersby give her treats, love and caress, but she again returns to the pier and refuses to leave, in the hope that the owner will return.

People made a post about the animal on social networks, but the owner did not think to show up, and later it turned out that he deliberately threw it there.Day after day, month after month passed and the forces of the dog was running out. She was disappointed, finally realizing that the boat wouldn’t return for her again.

The woman watched this picture every day and her heart was already breaking from this sight.She was able to win the trust of the dog and took him to her home. I gave her the nickname Pierce and now Pierce has a new family and a warm home.

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