The dog who survived the plane crash spent days alone in the desert of Arizona and was thirsty, hungry, and exhausted.

Recently a puppy was found alone next to plane wreckage. He was injured, hungry, thirsty and tired.

The pet belonged to a pilot named Jim Petersen. They regularly traveled together with another passenger.

Sadly, on September 22 they had a tragic accident after which the plane was crashed, Jim Petersen died and only the other passenger Uta Petersen survived the accident.

There was also a dog, accompanying them. He also suffered a crash and had some injuries.

But when rescuers came for help in helicopters, the scared dog ran away into the forests. He was lost for few days.

Days passed, and on September 25 investigators came to the place of the accident to study the case when they saw a dog next to the plane wreckage.

Again, the pup ran away, hearing the sound of the approaching helicopter. This time the rescuers intended to go after the poor pup.

When they finally found the puppy, he was tired and hungry. Soon, he got all the medical help needed and some food.

The doggie was in safe hands. He was turned back to his owners. We are so sorry for the loss of Petersens. We also hope that their little pup will comfort them on these hard days.

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