The dog’s heart was bursting with pain. The kid was betrayed by the owners, leaving him in a deserted area

Sara Nisevich believed that one dog in the house was enough. But about a week ago I realized that she still has a place for another pet.

The girl let her pet out for a walk. When she went out to check on what her dog was doing, she discovered that the animal had been joined by a small brown dog, whom Sarah had seen for the first time in her life.

She came closer, and the baby rushed to meet her and began to caress, affably wagging his tail. The girl immediately thought that this was her dog, and their meeting was not accidental.


It is worth noting that Sarah and her family live in a rural area far from civilization. And the little dog who appeared in search of love, most likely, was not a loser. The fact is that the girl knows all her neighbors living nearby, and none of them had a similar animal.

But the area where Sarah’s house is located has a bad reputation. Bored cats and dogs are often brought there to be abandoned … And this kid was clearly one of those who were betrayed by the owners.

What was to be done? Sarah gave the foundling the nickname Strudel, deciding to take him home. At first, the girl diligently searched for the former owners of the dog, but without result.


The past of the cute kid remained a mystery… But from the first minute it became quite obvious that the dog is incredibly smart. He behaved wonderfully and very politely.When he was allowed to enter in the house, he was at first a little confused, and then his face shone with happiness. The pet carefully entered the living room and seemed to feel safe.

The dog’s little heart hurt a lot. After the betrayal of people, he sought support and comfort, which he found in Sarah’s family.The girl immediately made a large bed for the new one, so that both of her pets could fit on it at once. Since then, Strudel and the older dog have been sleeping together every night.

Sarah is very glad that a small abandoned dog happened to be near her house, and the baby himself every day demonstrates to the new mistress how grateful he is to her for a new happy life.

The strudel turned out to be a very playful pet. Every day he sticks to his older sister, lightly biting her paws. The dog enjoys human love and the company of a new girlfriend.

Strudel has a happy future ahead of him, a lot of food and walks. Maybe it’s better that the former irresponsible owners abandoned it?

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