The dog’s heartbreaking response when he finds his owners had abandoned him

Two dogs were once taken to a shelter. A cross between a pit bull and a retriever, one is called Toby, the other is Aizhi – they are brothers. They grew up together, lived with the same owners, and after 6 years they suddenly became unnecessary to anyone.

When Toby and Aizhi were brought to the shelter, they looked like ordinary dogs – moderately cheerful and curious, unaware of what awaited them.

However, as they moved through the premises, past the rows of cages, the veterinary wing and warehouses, to their new place of residence, the dogs began to fade before our eyes.

Not only were they sad or upset when the cage door was closed, Aizhi began to tremble violently. The dog immediately realized that they got rid of him, that he was no longer needed by anyone. And he could not contain his emotions.

Big, strong, Aizhi could endure the hardships of life, but what’s the use of the muscles if your spirit is broken forever? The staff of the shelter admitted that they never managed to console him, to distract him from annoying thoughts.

Brother Toby took what was happening easier, so they almost did not pay attention to him, but Aizhi became the hero of viral videos – millions of people wrote how they felt sorry for the unfortunate dog.

But no one was in a hurry to take him away, and Aizhi continued to yearn in the orphanage.

As a result, a married couple was found who managed to fulfill all the conditions, prepare a place for keeping not only Aizhi, but also his brother Toby. It is reported that the dogs got used to their new place and Aizhi no longer cries.

They fully trust their new owners, and the trauma of being abandoned no longer follow the dogs.

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