The faithful dog went looking for the owner who left the house for a few days

This guy needed to go to another city on business, and the trip took several days. That’s why, he had to ask the neighbors to take care of his dog for a while.

The dog didn’t understand what had happened, he didn’t agree to live with strangers.

There was only one way out for the dog, he just took it and ran away from the temporary owners. The main purpose of the dog was to find his beloved owner. At first, the dog managed to follow the owner’s trail, but soon he lost it and his search was for nothing.

The guy soon learned that his dog ran away in an unknown direction and his neighbors do not know where to look for him. The guy immediately left all his works and went back to his city.

He began to undertake all kinds of searches: he searched around the city himself, pecked the stands with an announcement about the loss of a dog, called animal shelters.

And only after two days of searching, the guy managed to find his pet. As soon as the dog saw his owner, he immediately rushed himself into his arms. This is true dog faithfulness.

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