The family did not like this stray dog, but she saved the life of their child and became a beloved pet

It often happens that the owners living in the village sold their house and moved to the city, and simply threw their dog into the street . And for a long year the dog Ira was a homeless, stray dog.

Ira was distinguished by her affectionate and friendly disposition, and the whole village loved her very much, cared for and fed her as much as possible. Ira especially loved children and played ball with them, which was her favorite activity.

And so a young family with a five-year-old child named Igor also came to the village. The dog often ran next to the boy, but her parents forbade even approaching her and always drove her away. Igorek didn’t even have the right to pet the dog.

However, one incident changed everything. The kids loved to play the ball near the river. Five-year-old Igor was also in this company. And then the ball fell into the water and the child climbed there to get it. And so he went to where the river was very deep and was sinking rapidly.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, Ira appeared and immediately rushed to save the child, quickly pulling him a shore. So, the boy was saved thanks to a brave and noble dog. After this incident, the family became very grateful to the dog and made her a member of the family.

They love her very much and Ira answers them the same. Now the boy has a nanny, a friend and a protector rolled into one , and the dog is no longer lonely.

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