The German shepherd swam in the sea for a month and survived.

This is a story about the Moon, a dog who was shipwrecked and then she was found alive and reunited with her master, but it didn’t happen right away, but after a whole month!

Luna is a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix who went missing off the coast of San Diego, California after she fell off the boat in which she was with her owner Nick.

Nick searched for his pet for several days in a row and even brought a naval crew to this, but the search did not lead to any result and Nick could only mourn his beloved Moon.

Within a month, workers at the St. Clement Island Naval Auxiliary Landing Site noticed the dog sitting on the side of the road when they arrived at work.

This was a violation of the rules, since no pets were allowed on the island, but it turned out that it was not any homeless, but it was the same Luna dog that had disappeared five weeks ago.

However, Navy officer Sandy DeMannik said that the dog just sat and wagged its tail. Probably, Luna was able to swim to the coast and ate mice and fish until she was found.

The dog was absolutely healthy, there was only a slight exhaustion. She was quickly taken to her owner in Colorado and picked up from the airport by Nick’s best friend, who was on vacation at the time.

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