The girl stumbled upon a puppy and realized that she had already seen this baby in the past

There are no chance encounters in life. So, in any case, says the editor-in-chief of the American edition in Kentucky Keith Howard.

And it all happened like this. She recently made a Twitter post about a dog that came to her yard and lay down on the grass as if nothing had happened.

But later it turned out that this was not completely unknown for the girl, because, only when she heard the name of the animal, she realized that they had already seen each other and it was incredibly touching,

She was sitting on the doorstep of the house and noticed a woman who was walking with her dog and both stopped in her yard, and the dog lay down on the grass with pleasure.

The dog was brown and spotted with white, very pretty and cute, and obviously did not want to leave when the owner called her.And when she called out to her as Winnie, Kate immediately remembered that last year she took the puppy for overexposure and this dog, who wanted to stay in her yard, was the same Winnie.

When the puppy was taken from her, Kate, who managed to get used to him, cried for three days and was very worried about whether the new owners would treat him well. She even called the shelter to get Vinnie back if they didn’t find him a decent home.

Kate learned that the owner had taken Vinnie in a few months ago and, interestingly enough, it coincided that Vinnie now lived in the house next to hers.

His current owner promised that they would often visit and there was a happy opportunity that the girl would often see the dog she was so used to.

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