«The man noticed that his dog wasn’t sleeping at night and was staring at the wall; it turned out there was a reason behind it.»

«At 29 years old, George Miller felt very lonely, so he adopted a dog from a shelter. The dog quickly adapted to the home, but footage from a camera showed that his new pet wasn’t sleeping at night. The dog would sit facing the wall, gazing at the same spot, gradually inching closer to the wall.

George had adopted the dog from the shelter, so he set up a camera to understand how the animal was adjusting. The dog quickly adjusted to the home, so if it weren’t for the video, the owner wouldn’t have noticed anything strange.

Crosby, the name George gave the dog, turned out to be kind and playful during the day, but when darkness fell, he would simply stare at the wall without closing his eyes for a minute.

The owner thought it might be better to take the animal back to the shelter, but before making that decision, he decided to check the wall to find out what had caught the dog’s attention.

Near the wall, the homeowner heard a rustling noise. Breaking the drywall, between the studs, he found a tiny kitten. How the animal got there, the homeowner couldn’t understand.

As it turned out, Crosby wasn’t behaving strangely; he was concerned about the fate of the kitten but didn’t know how to communicate this to the human.

George decided to keep the kitten. Now, he no longer has time to feel lonely or bored, as he has two wonderful pets.»

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