The guy opened the door and laughed: his dog was sitting in front of the threshold, holding a towel in his mouth

Does your dog «fly» into the house with dirty paws after a walk? Then you definitely need to teach him good manners! Just like the hero of this story named Cooper. No, not a Bradley, but a cute golden retriever who lives in Australia.
Every time sweet Cooper came home from playing outdoors, he would jump into the room from the threshold, happy and smoky. Dirty paws merrily stepping on the floor, leaving footprints.

But everything changed when a young man named Loki came to visit his parents. At that time, floods began in Australia, and the dirt was knee-deep. At any moment, the dog could rush into the house, «wiping» its paws on everything that is nearby …

However, this did not happen. Once, opening the door, Loki saw a dog sitting at the doorstop. The pet did not just wait until they let him in, but held a towel in his teeth! On one side of this bath accessory was a note with the words:

» PLEASE, wipe coopers feet before he rums inside! THANKS MUM»

Seeing this silent scene, Loki burst out laughing and grabbed his camera to take pictures of both the note and the funny pet sitting with a towel in its mouth.

Of course, the son fulfilled his mother’s request, but he was surprised that Cooper brought a towel. According to the young man, no one taught the pet this trick.

«Or maybe Cooper just read the note?» Loki can’t help but laugh.

However, the guy guesses that his dog just loves to pick up and carry things. He is, after all, a retriever, and representatives of this breed often bring something with them and give it to the owner. Cooper is no exception and he loves to carry his toys, especially the ball.

Perhaps the dog realized that in order to get into the house, you need to wipe your paws, and therefore you need a towel. If so, then the problem from the series “paws + towel = entrance to the house” was resolved by a smart pet without difficulty!

Anyway Loki is proud of his four-legged friend, and mom is just happy that the floor, carpets and furniture keep their cleanliness!

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