The hero police officer rescues the cub.Sick baby bear is away from his family

Interacting with wild animals is not the best thing to do, especially when the mother bear is with her cubs. However, a police officer showed heroism and saved a bear cub without thinking about his life . Kindness is a language of humanity.

Thomas Owens is a State Trooper with the Town of Carroll Police Department. He has seen many bears and cubs over the years.

The New England state lives to approximately 5,000 bears. That’s why he always knew how to react when it came across these wild beasts. Yet, when he spotted a mother bear and her cubs trying to cross a road, he was anything but watchful.

However, the reason was very grand – saving one of the baby bears’ life.

Officer Owens came out of his car and reached the poor tiny cub. He decided to stay next to the baby bear as long as the New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife would come for help.

The manly officer knew that the possibility of falling in danger was big and at any time mother bear would return. Of course, she wouldn’t be happy to see a human next to her cub. Yet, the officer took a risk.

Soon, the help arrived. Unexpectedly, the rescue team found out one more cub, not far away. Latter was also sick. Both of the cubs have been taken to a rehabilitation center.

It’s touching that officer Owens also joined them and had a photo with the baby bear he saved. The two animals will stay at the rehab center until they recover and get strong enough to get back to the forests and reunite their family.

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