The history of the origin of the curly kitten and the endless conversations of people about the new breed

A photo of a kitten with a very unusual appearance began to spread on social networks. His color is not even red, but closer to orange. But the main thing-curls — a lamb with a cat’s face! Nice.

The curly-haired kitten is alive, real and has nothing to do with curly-haired Hungarian pigs. No, it’s a feline, just with a unique genotype.

He isn’t alone in the world and this is exactly the same problem. It all started in 1987, when a cat named DePesto was born at an animal shelter in Montana. Metis Persian breed, the only one in the litter that had a curly coat.

The cat appeared to the breeder of the “Persians” and he crossed her with a prominent species – all born kittens had similar curls. Here it is, the dominant gene, the basis of the new breed.

In fact, officially, the breed is still at the stage of formation and most of the offspring from the «Selkirk» was created with violations. Which kitten is considered thoroughbred, and which mongrel is another question.

When this information surfaced again in connection with the publication of a photo of an orange curl, the favorite entertainment of the Internet began. Those who liked the kitten defended its right and the breed as a whole to exist.

Their opponents reasonably noted that the shelters were not created in order to produce wandering creatures with random mutations.

There is nothing to increase the number of “defective” animals, which will then be thrown out into the street. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle and on the side of the line of dispute.

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