The incredible story of a dog that has been waiting for its owners for years in one place

This story proves that dogs are more than loyal and devoted to people. This is a story about Leo, a dog that had been waiting for its owners for four years. This dog has made a splash on social media with its incredible loyalty.

Back in 2015, a Thai man accidentally (as he describes it) left his dog near a gas station. When people tried to help the poor dog, he refused any attention.

One day a woman decided to take care of the already stray dog, but he refused to stay at the woman’s house. The kind woman returns the dog to where his owners lost him, hoping that they would find him.

Fortunately, after a month Leo got lucky. A passer-by noticed the dog and asked about him. Then a miracle happened! When the real owner heard about his dog, he showed old photos of Leo, mentioning his real name BonBon.

Soon he came to take BonBon home. The animal was delighted to see its owner, but decided to stay with the woman who took care of the dog until the owners take the dog home.

Of course, the owners were not delighted with the decision of their pet, but they respected it. They promised to visit the dog and pay his vet bills.

Let Leo stay forever with his new lovely owner!

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