The instructor buried himself in the snow and checked how his dog works

Today, when there is so much talk about global warming, there are still many places in the world where the snow is above your head, or even more. Moreover, people often fall under it, and this is already not a surprise.

For these cases, there are rescuers at winter resorts and their specially trained dogs, that will find a person not only under the snow but even underground. He works as a snow rescuer – charming Flo that is now 4 years old.

Despite his knack, Flo trains regularly.

So, there is such an organization as Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England. Its employees believe that dogs should not only be in good physical shape but also constantly take tests for professional fitness.

Such tests are carried out in harsh and real, most real conditions. One of the tasks was made more difficult and was also recorded on video. This only proved that the work of rescue dogs is very difficult.

So, one of the instructors had to bury himself in the snow so that he could not be seen. The dog must find his colleague. We watch how aggressively Flo breaks through the thickness of the snow in search of his man.

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