The kind postman takes care that the dog that waits for him every day receives his letter, even if there is no mail.

Postman Martin Stader works in the Australian city of Brisbay. And his personality is remarkable in that every morning he plans a meeting with one of the inhabitants of the city, but this is not a person, as you might think, but a sweetest golden retriever named Pippa.

Pippa also looks forward to the postman every morning, and when she sees him, she rushes to the gate like a bullet. She loves to bring letters to her owners.

But it often happens that Martin does not have anything for Pippa’s owners, and then the dog becomes incredibly sad, because she loves to please her owners with them.

Then Martin realized that he must definitely come up with something, and now the postman, even without a letter at this address, always holds an envelope with the inscription “Mail for Pippa” and passes it to the golden retriever to take it to the owners with a businesslike look.

And the fact that the postman from a small Australian town has become a favorite not only of the charming Pippa, but of his entire area, and he is now considered a real celebrity not only in his hometown, but also far beyond its borders, thanks to the capabilities of the global network.

And you will agree that it’s simply priceless to make an effort to give happiness to your customers, especially the likes of Pippa.

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