The kindhearted police officer rescued mama duck with her ducklings: he stopped traffic to lead them to the river

The cute duck and her ducklings became the stars of the week after appearing on social media.

Recently, they got lost and confused in the streets of Milan, Italy.

They tried to find their path and return to Darsena where the city’s 3 small rivers meet.

Suddenly, a kindhearted police officer noticed the ducks and made efforts to protect them as soon as possible.

He stopped the racing cars on the highway and led the mother dick with her cute little ducklings across the busy streets.

Finally, they reached the river, and the caring police see off them and said goodbye to them.

Many passers-by welcomed the man and the duck family taking pictures of the lovely scene.

It became a unique and funny event that luckily had a happy ending.

Even, the drivers spotting the cute family could not resist smiling, and they also did their best to help them to pass by quickly.

The adorable moment when everyone admired the cute ducks and, especially, their guide man who was with them every time.

The mother duck was so confused and frightened of getting lost in an unknown environment.

The caring young man took care of them on their whole way to the river.

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