The little chihuahua is waiting for the most important person of his life – and it’s not even the owner

Little Franny’s whole day is devoted to a tense wait.

She waits for a small white truck to come out of the corner: they met the man who was driving a few months ago – and the chihuahua fell in love with it.

Chapters of books were written about the mutual aversion of dogs and postmen, cartoons were made. A small dog or a big one – everyone is sure that he must protect his territory from strangers.

And who is it, if not such a stranger: a man with a huge bag who visits you every day. But Franny is not like that.

Every morning after breakfast, the little dog goes to the door and takes her observation post near the window. She waits for a white truck to pass by the corner and heads towards their dead end.

As soon as Franny notices this car, she doesn’t just wag her tail – she literally trembles with excitement.

But the six-month-old Chihuahua doesn’t expect letters from anyone, she doesn’t care about bills and postcards, although she would be happy if her landlord subscribed to a daily newspaper.

This is the postman, which the puppy simply loves. Franny met him on the second day in the new house, and the man hit her in the heart. It was love at first sight.

On that fateful day, the owner went to get the mail, holding Franny in his arms. She exchanged a few words with Dan, the postman, who spotted the puppy.

Does he want to hold the baby? Oh sure! Dan took Franny in his arms and his voice and expression immediately changed.

The man stuttered and grimaced towards the puppy, even leaving Franny to lick his face. Chihuahua was so steeped in what had happened that she decided: this is how it should be every day.

Dan is the nicest postman and the whole neighborhood loves him, but Franny’s attitude is something special.

Every day, the dog on his sofa near the door waits for the truck to arrive, and when he hears the sound of the engine, she begins to tremble and, with a small high-pitched cry, lets the owner know that the time has already come .

Then the woman quickly looks for her shoes, puts Franny on a leash and opens the door, allowing her to rush at the speed of light to the main person in her life.

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