The little kitten hardly breathed, lying on the ground.The girl took the baby in her arms and heard that his heart was barely audible beating …

Two years ago Marina Morskaya met her amazing and beloved cat. Then the pet was still a tiny kitten, which almost died. If was not his owner, the baby would not have been alive for a long time.

One day, the girl noticed the body of a small kitten lying at the station. The animal appeared to be no more than seven days old. Where he came from is a mystery. Maybe the mother cat lost it when she was moving the children to another place.

The kitten didn’t move. It seemed like he was already dead, but Marina couldn’t just leave without finding out. She walked closer to the baby, leaned over and touched him with her hand. The purr was warm, and then the girl picked it up from the ground. In the chest of a small defenseless creature, the heart was still beating.


“Alive!” — raced through Marina’s mind. Forgetting about everything in the world, she hurried to the veterinarian with her pet! The girl felt the need to hurry …

Doctors could not guarantee that the baby would survive. He was starving for the past few days, and worst of all, he was diagnosed with an infection. NeverthelessBy the way, the veterinarians prescribed medicines, advised the girl to feed the baby every two hours, and then come what may.

Marina took the kitten to her home, buying a special formula for feeding kittens and a pacifier along the way. The sleepless nights began. The girl got up every two hours to feed the foundling, and then treated his eyes and nose.

Marina asked the baby to get well soon, assuring him that now he has a house, and she will always be there. As if feeling love and hearing the tempting promises of the owner, the kitten really got better! Unfortunately, it was not possible to save one eye.

Marina named the cat Pirate. She kept her promises — the pet stayed with her, and even received all the privileges that a pet has.

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